2 Wing hold down rods w/caps - Super Cub LP

Aerial Drop Module - Super Cub (HBZ6023)

Belly Hatch: Delta Ray (HBZ7912)

Cowl - Corsair S (HBZ8203)

Cowl - Super Cub LP (HBZ7126)

Firewall w/screws - Super Cub LP (HBZ7114)

Fuselage - Delta Ray (HBZ7985)

Hobbyzone Aeroscout S 1.1M RTF

Hobbyzone Duet electro vliegtuig 2,4 ghz RTF

Hobbyzone Faze mini quadcopter RTF

Hobbyzone Mini Apprentice vliegtuig RTF

Hobbyzone Sport Cub S electro vliegtuig RTF - SAFE

Keychain Camera Mount - Delta Ray (HBZ7920)

Landing Gear Set: Sport Cub S (HBZ4406)

Landing Gear with Tires (HBZ7106)

Motor set - Firebird Stratos

Nose Gear Arm and Mounting Strap (HBZ3109)

Prop shaft w/hardware - Super Cub LP

Prop Shaft: Sport Cub S (HBZ4404)

Propeller - Super Cub LP

Propeller: 8.25 x 5.5 (PKZ1022)

Propellers & Spinner - Firebird Stratos

Pushrods and clevis set (2) - Super Cub LP

Rubber nose - Delta Ray (HBZ7952)